Monday, September 10, 2007


"You were unrecognizable... I just cried because I wanted my friend back!"

That is what my Pamie Dear told me today. It was a very touching and emotional discussion. We were talking about my book and how close I am to having it released. She is excited to read it. She said that she could not believe how sick I was and actually neither could I. It still gets to me when I think about it, or read other women's stories.

It's hard to believe that women, in a time that should be their greatest joy, are stricken so hard. We are litterally beaten down by the disease. Women do die from this, and those who dont die certainly are knocking on the door.

Women terminate their pregnancies, or suffer for fear that they will never be able to go through it again and realize their dream of motherhood. This has changed my life. It has become kind of a mission to tell as many people as I can about Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

I am seriously traumatized. I honestly feel I could never have another child because I am terrified I will be as sick or worse. I dont think I could go through that again. I dont think my body could take it, and my recovery thus far has been slow although I think somedays I have come very far.

Although I have read limited research stating that the chances are about 50% that women experience HG in subsequent pregnancies, from the women I have found, it seems that number is not correct. I would say the number is more like 90%. The women I have found seem to suffer in each pregnancy, and if they carry to term many have same or worse severeity.

I cant believe that there is so little research done on something that is considered one of the major reasons (besides pre-eclampsia) that women are hospitalized. I cant believe that there are some women who cant get proper medical care for HG and end up terminating their baby or worse...dying.

It just bothers me. Just venting.

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