Friday, October 20, 2006

Clinical Trials...

Clinical trials are being conducted to study the use of a delayed release drug for the treatment of HG.

To Participate you must meet certain criteria listed below:

Inclusion Criteria:
Singleton pregnancy of less than 7 weeks gestation.
Women who previously carried a full term pregnancy.
Severe NVP/HG in previous pregnancy by verbal confirmation as determined by questionnaire

Exclusion Criteria:
Women who refuse to participate in the study/sign a written concent
Women with insufficient English language skills to understand the questionnaires and assessment material
Women in her first pregnancy
Women who didn’t suffer severe NVP/HG in previous pregnancy
Gestational age beyond 7w+0d weeks of pregnancy
Multiple gestation
Women who have had previous adverse effects to “Diclectin®”
Women who take another anti-emetic medication
Pregnant women younger than 18 years.

See the link above for more detailed description of the clinical trial.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

October 4, 2006

My Dear Grandchild,

Went and spent the day with your Mommy in the hospital. Had to call the paramedics to come get your Mommy yesterday around 5:15pm. When they started to take her to the gurney your Mommy fell back into the recliner and started jerking and was kind of out of it. When she came to they got her to the gurney and took her to the ER.

After being there for a while, the ER doctor told her that she might have to terminate you if she had a clot in her lungs. Your Mommy chose you and was going to take a chance...

This is an excerpt from the book I Wrote: Letters to Zane
Available September 2007