Friday, October 20, 2006

Clinical Trials...

Clinical trials are being conducted to study the use of a delayed release drug for the treatment of HG.

To Participate you must meet certain criteria listed below:

Inclusion Criteria:
Singleton pregnancy of less than 7 weeks gestation.
Women who previously carried a full term pregnancy.
Severe NVP/HG in previous pregnancy by verbal confirmation as determined by questionnaire

Exclusion Criteria:
Women who refuse to participate in the study/sign a written concent
Women with insufficient English language skills to understand the questionnaires and assessment material
Women in her first pregnancy
Women who didn’t suffer severe NVP/HG in previous pregnancy
Gestational age beyond 7w+0d weeks of pregnancy
Multiple gestation
Women who have had previous adverse effects to “Diclectin®”
Women who take another anti-emetic medication
Pregnant women younger than 18 years.

See the link above for more detailed description of the clinical trial.

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