Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wow, Time sure flies...

It's hard to believe that my son,
the inspiration for my book and blog,
is going to be 1 year old already!

We are planning a great Luau for his special day...

My family is Hawaiian and it is custom to celebrate baby's first birthday with a luau, which is a traditional Hawaiian feast.

"The luau is the perfect expression of Hawaiian hospitality and signifies a celebration of what the Hawaiian spirit and lifestyle are all about. Historically, the luau was a celebration to the Hawaiian gods giving thanks for having survived long and often arduous ocean voyages."

If you've ever been to the islands, you probably have tried some local grinds... and that's what we have planned for our menu! Lots of food, lots of family and friends, music, and all the things a birthday party brings!

Children grow up so fast, I am cherishing every moment... and I can't wait to celebrate such a wonderful milestone... Zane's First Birthday!

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