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I wanted to share a couple new links I found:

Apparently an HG study conducted in 2001/2002, just thought others may find it interesting.

In particular I think we all are VERY interested in the "reoccurance" of HG. I know I personally have been so traumatized by HG. I once wanted 2 or 3 children, but now.... I am too scared to have any more. I am scared that next time I will not make it. My life and my son's life were in danger many times over the course of this "experience", thats what I call it... not my happy baby belly days as it should have been!

So as far as this research could say based on it's limitations was the following:

3. Recurrence
From results of surveys of women with HG, one can find a
variety of statistics that appear at first glance to shed light on the question
of the recurrence rate. For example, about 40 percent of patients with HG are in
their first pregnancy, and about 45 percent of women with HG who have been
pregnant once before were treated in the hospital for HG in their prior
pregnancy.6, 7
A moment's reflection reveals that the above statistics are of
little value to the sufferer of HG who may be wondering what her chances are of
getting HG again in a later pregnancy. The only data that is directly relevant
to the recurrence rate of HG is longitudinal (i.e. data obtained by following up
on patients over many years).
Unfortunately, it appears that only one such
longitudinal study has been done on HG, and the study was very small and is now
potentially out-of-date. The study, done by J. Fitzgerald from 1938 to 1953,
examined just a few dozen women based in Aberdeen, Scotland.7 Nevertheless the
Fitzgerald study is still cited by many authors. It is important to realize
that, while numerous articles state that HG in a prior pregnancy is a risk
factor for HG in a subsequent pregnancy (e.g. 3, 6, 11), by and large the only
evidence upon which this claim is based comes from the Fitzgerald study.
is a summary of Fitzgerald's recurrence data. Fitzgerald followed 159 women who
had HG in their first pregnancy. Fifty-six of these women then had another
pregnancy that was recorded by Fitzgerald, and nineteen women had two subsequent
pregnancies recorded by Fitzgerald.
• 27 of the 56 women had HG in their
second pregnancy.
• 7 of 19 women had HG in their third pregnancy.

I found some of the other results interesting, as well as saddening. If you take a look at the drug effectiveness table it lists not only drug effectiveness, but fetal loss as well. :( It makes me sad to think of going through HG only to lose your child or be forced to abort. There needs to be more research!

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