Tuesday, September 26, 2006

September 26, 2006

Good Morning!

Sorry I haven’t written my love. Mommy has been very sick.

I was back in the hospital for about a week, unable to keep anything down. They inserted a catheter into my arm called a PICC Line, so that they could give me nutrition through IV. I was finally able to come home but I had to have home health care with a nurse. They taught Tutu to change my IV and to take care of my needs while the nurse was not there.

Unfortunately, I developed yet more complications from that! My neck swelled one night I was taken in the morning back to the ER via ambulance. I now have a clotted area in my veins, from my neck to the PICC Line site (which had to be removed). The only nutrition I get now is whatever I can hold in… which isn’t much, but I am trying.

The doctors gave me medications to try to...