Thursday, February 22, 2007

February 22, 2007

Hello My Sweet Love!

Tonight a funny thing happened and although I had been told about it and read about it, I was still somehow unprepared and a little shocked! *Laugh*

My left nipple leaked! I guess it knows I’ll be feeding you very soon. Just a few drops but it was still sooo weird!

I also threw up this morning, and haven’t felt all that great all day. It just creeps up on me sometimes. I am really glad I didn’t have cereal this morning because milk is HORRIBLE coming up. (The second time around) I had an apple and an English muffin and I was really bummed because it was Yummy!

I may have just waited too long to eat… I didn’t eat until 12pm, but I didn’t even wake up until 10am. I am supposed to be getting more rest.

I wish I had the energy to go for a walk, I really want to go walk on the beach… but it has been raining. I love the rain, but...

This is an excerpt from the book I Wrote: Letters to Zane
Available September 2007